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“We want to encourage you 
 to give more of your attention 
to what makes you feel good– 
not something so radical 
that you must control every thought– 
just make a decision that you will 
look for what you want to see.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 3-17-17]

How many times do you wake up and find yourself speaking positive thoughts in your head? Or is it the unresolved worries from yesterday, or the concerns that you will face today, or other such thoughts?

A few years back I took an affirmative thought from Abraham, printed it out and put on my office wall, and now after a willingness to practice, I find myself stating it as I wake up. It is this: “Today, no matter where I am going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see.” I’ve shortened it somewhat to this: “Today, it is my dominant intent to see what I want to see.” 

In Esther and Jerry Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given, in part II of the book, they give 22 processes to help practice moving toward more joy and less resistance. Process #8 is The Book of Positive Aspects. I love this one because it is fun to do. As I am writing down positive aspects that I find in life, I cannot be thinking about negative aspects at the same time, and as I practice this change of focus, I find more positive aspects showing up in my life.

I started doing this with this phrase at the top of a page: I love. . . . This caused me to consider things that I loved, however big or small, whether people or things, situations, sights, interpretations, you name it. I remember one on the first page was the smell on wet concrete on a hot day. Every time I think about that, I can smell that special smell. I smelled it when I was a young boy at the plunge laying on the pool deck that had been splashed with water and as I lay there face down in my arms, that smell was so unique that I’ve never forgotten it. Hosing down the driveway on a hot day will bring it back also. It’s a silly thing, but I love it.

I don’t need to write them down anymore because I am fully functioning in the habit of seeing what I want to see, enjoying what I am seeing all throughout my day, every single day of my life now. As I type this I am looking at a multi-colored ceramic alligator that was a gift my late wife gave me after she went on a magnificent adventure to South Africa with her son. It’s always in front of me as I see my computer screen. I love it and it reminds me how much I loved Nancy and still love Nancy in her absence.

I see hundreds of books on bookshelves all around my office. I see the view of the courtyard as I look out the sliding glass door of my office. I see the beautiful blue sky today, and I will be enjoying a 4-mile walk a bit later, while I’m eager to get back to the spectacular audiobook I’m focused on now titled, Lucy and Desi by Warren G. Harris and their magical and adventurous life together. I love this book. I love them. I love their story.

If I run across, or being interrupted by something I don’t want to see or hear, I bless it and move back to my loving thoughts of what I see and enjoy. It’s all about deciding that I can, that I am worthy, that I have the power to feel good regardless of how any other chooses. It is all about my willingness to practice changing my gaze, and interpretations. It expands my desire to love all others as they are inside whether or not I approve of or like their behavior or choices.

As I find these things that I love, these positive aspects that are constantly all around me in so much quantity that I cannot even get to them all, I experience joy, peace, and my own expanding love.

Yes, I am still working every day, running a business, dealing with issues and challenges, but they are now full of positive aspects too. As I find something less than that, I bless it and move my gaze to what I want to see, to how I want to feel, and I am injoy again. And again. And again.

Awareness Is Great, But Practice Is What Makes It All Work. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing what you want to see, making lists of things you love and like and want more of. The rest can be left where it is. Let others pay attention to that stuff.

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