Daily Inspiration 4-5-14

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“Heaven on Earth 
is a choice you must make, 
not a place you must find.” 

“You’ll see it
when you believe it.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

I had such an awesome day today. Today was Friday, and I went to the bank this afternoon and the branch manager noticed my smile and cheer and said, “you look like a person who enjoys a lot of days.” And I said, “every single one of them!” So, he said, “well, you look like it.”

Today, my partner closed two new accounts, and I got to tag along on one and it was so much fun. We were initially concerned about this account, because we like to perform and we weren’t sure that we were on the same page, and that they understood what we do. All that went away today. We were all excited about this new partnership in promoting a great non-profit entity that I have been fond of for a huge part of my life. Now it will be totally FUN!

Tonight, I went to hear a friend’s group, called Whiskey & Honey to help celebrate their new CD, buy a few, and have a spectacular dinner as they played at Fuso’s Italian Restaurant, who is a valued client. The dish was so good, that I was enjoying with with sound coming from me, and it’s a good thing there was music. I had such a great time all by myself and even dressed up a bit just for the heck of it. I was especially touched with joy when my friend played a James Taylor song that he knows I have a special fondness for called, Sweet Baby James. And, it sounded wonderful. Thank you, Phil. That was the topping on one awesome day!

I was thinking today of enough. I will paraphrase something from Wayne Dyer, who said essentially, that life changes dramatically when you feel that you are enough; that you have enough. I feel like I am enough, and that I have enough. In fact, I feel like I have plenty. I feel rich today. Someone else might judge that differently looking at the numbers, but today, I feel rich. I feel as if I have more than enough and enough to share. So, I did a bit of sharing today as well.

I have come to believe that Heaven is not a place so much as a state of mind, or an attitude. And, I love the sign on my office wall from Abraham and Esther Hicks that spells out how to develop that state of mind, or attitude. It is this:

“Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent, to see that which I am wanting to see.” Isn’t that beautiful and powerful at the same time. We truly do get to choose what we are wanting to see, how we are wanting to feel, who we are wanting to be.

Today, I Celebrate Enough. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Can you drop any preconceived notions, and just love everyone you see today? It doesn’t matter if you know them. It does matter if you love them.

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