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“Most of the things we do, 
we do for no better reason 
than that our fathers have done them 
or that our neighbors do them, 
and the same is true 
of a larger part than we suspect 
of what we think.” 
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 

[Classic post from 3-16-17]

Probably the hardest lesson that I have learned in the last several years is how to be unique, to make my own choices, to see opinions and predictions, to see others acting as they may and remain in joy and peace. The only way I found this was by adopting the idea of unconditional love and acceptance.

As I see someone spouting angry words because the one they are angry at is saying or doing something that the angry one does not believe and disapproves of, I see myself as I was.

I wanted to be unique, different, set apart, and yet I clung as to a lifeline of my desire for conformity. This is a path to destruction. They are opposite ends of a stick. Of course, what I meant was that others should conform to what I think and not the other way around. I would exercise my uniqueness and difference by fighting, pushing against those who were in opposition to my beliefs and ideals. And, the reason I say this is a path to destruction is that in reality, I am fighting myself, opposing myself, beating myself up. All this and I get to feel fear through anger, resentment, struggle, and manipulation.

I just saw a post about the haters of the guy who refused to stand for the anthem. He could only be unique if he conforms to their beliefs and edicts. This is but one tiny example of the prejudice we can spread along with all the other fear-based sentiments and feelings. All for the sake of conformity. He’s not like us. He’s not worthy.

As we put others down, no matter who they may be, for saying or doing something that is in opposition to our own thinking or thoughts of how things ought to be, we are not only the accuser but the accused. Whatever we push against we magnify. Whatever we condemn, we promote. The Law of Attraction is unerringly accurate in bringing us more of what we focus on.

Our ego is in charge of all of this too. But we are not our ego unless we allow the ego to rule. The ego has a purpose, but not ruling our lives. We only need to rise above the ego and see it for what it is and take charge of ourselves.

As we learn to accept others, to love others as they are, in all of their differences, without any insistence that they satisfy us, or that they conform to any of our beliefs or choices, we are there as well. As within, so without.

As we interpret what is without by what is within, we align as we will. What is within is either fear or love. If we are loving, we accept, and if we are in fear, we reject. It is all up to us to choose. It is never chosen for us. We always and forever have the choice in our complete command.

I Am In Love. If I Fall Out Of Love, I Turn Back Toward Love And I Am In Love Again. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself enough to love your neighbor.

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