Daily Inspiration 4-4-17

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What if? 

What if you had the ultimate confidence and you knew without the slightest doubt that you were in the perfect place at the right time and that just by wanting it for whatever reason, that you could have anything that you wanted?

What if all there were was a flow of well-being that surrounded you, and that perfect health was yours as long as you continued to choose it?

What if with only your thoughts and focusing of those thoughts that you could create matter and circumstances that served you fully on your intended journey within a delightful human experience to the point that you could have anything you wanted, serve in whatever way you wanted, and receive all the joy you could possibly know?

What if God’s Will for you was exactly the same as your desires for you?

What if no matter what happens around you, your path is unshakable?

What if all the things and circumstances were only there to enhance your joy?

What if you realized that joy was your only end objective and that all things lead to that as you allow?

What if anything that may have ever seemed to go wrong in your life became clear as a beacon that it was only there to expand your desire and clarify what you really want?

What if you knew for sure and for certain that God provided anything and everything to anyone and everyone in greater abundance than they could possible realize?

What if you realized that what anyone else wants has nothing to do whatsoever with what you can have?

What if you allowed all others to be as they choose, and to choose as they choose without any idea that they should somehow follow your rules or your desires?

What if you were in love with the life you have chosen and have been given?

What if you were in love with all those that are on their own journey for the sake of the living of that life?

What if you knew completely that no one and nothing could ever do you any harm without your permission?

I Believe That All Of This Is True As We Choose To Align With It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–realizing that you are of God and through God all things are not only possible, but readily available and lovingly given.

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