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“The key factor that will determine your
financial future is not the economy;
the key factor is your philosophy.”

“Philosophy is the sum total of all that
you know and what you decide is valuable.”

— Jim Rohn

Change a thought, change a life. Change a perspective, change a life. Attitude is everything, and attitude is simply the way we choose to look at something. What if we pretended to rise out of our body up to the ceiling and look at ourselves from that outside perspective? What if we chose to become the person we are talking to while looking at ourselves and listening to what we are saying to them?

How about if we look at our so-called problems with these different views? Do you think these other perspectives could give us another way to see our problems, perhaps to even appreciate them?

Essentially, our philosophy is what we believe. We have this tendency to think that beliefs are truly powerful things that are very difficult to change; or at least, we might think that they should be hard to change. Yet, from a different perspective, we can see that beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking.

Think about that. Beliefs are just thoughts we continue to think, or habitually think. That’s all they are. Based on that, they are not all that powerful, nor even as solid as we might have thought. How about thinking of them as if they are a file cabinet on wheels where the wheels are locked. Now, just flip the lever and unlock the wheels, and now the file cabinet can move easily where ever you might like it to go. You can even take files out and discard them and put new files in if you like. It is just our current philosophy at any given time. Now you can easily go with the flow holding on to what you want, and letting go of what you no longer want.

Everything in the future is rooted in our current philosophy. We either hold ourselves in a place that keeps us in the same position tomorrow, or we allow our philosophy to change allowing a change in the future. The key idea is that the future is not going to change if we don’t change and that change must take place today–right this minute.

The More Important Thing Is That No One Else Has Any Real Power To Change Our Philosophy. That Is Only Done By Ourselves. What An Empowering Thought!

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy the company of someone or someones that you really like today.

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