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“It takes a little courage
And a little self-control
And some grim determination,
If you want to reach the goal.
It takes a deal of striving,
And a firm and stern-set chin,
No matter what the battle,
If you really want to win.
There’s no easy path to glory,
There’s no rosy road to fame,
Life, however, we may view it,
Is no simple parlor game;
But its prizes call for fighting,
For endurance and for grit;
For a rugged disposition
And a don’t-know-when-to-quit.”
— Unknown
As far as I’m concerned, this quote is the kind of crap I was taught as a young salesperson and was repeated by many of the sources I studied, and you know what? It doesn’t work very well and then, only for a few in comparison. The rest have a tendency to get discouraged and go off the path seeking to get away from this train of thinking.
Why? Because I have learned that there is no good reason for it to be that tough. There’s no good reason to have to fight. It’s not about grit. It’s not about striving. It’s not about a stern-set chin, and it’s for sure not about a battle. It says, there’s no easy path to glory, and I think there is a very easy path to glory. It need not be about how hard it is and how only the strongest survive and all that crap.
Now, I realize I’m being so judgemental using the word crap, but it just feels good right now to throw all that stuff back at the places it came from and let them have their no-gain-without-pain, no-winning-without-fighting philosophies to themselves. They are all such limiting thoughts.
My truth is now that it is easy and ANYONE can do it. It’s really more about lightening up, letting go, and being easier on ourselves. It’s more about joy and enthusiasm than blood and guts. It’s so much more about feeling good than sucking it up. I guess the best way I can think to describe it is something I wrote about recently about peace and how peace is not something to fight for but to relax into. Just as joy is not something that we work at, it is something we simply allow. Success is just like that to me now. It is easy.
Now, I agree that it is about choice and choosing what one wants and what to focus on. I agree with being inspired and doing what you love to do. And, I agree that what we think about determines all of this. So, that leaves the one thing that every person on the planet has ALL the power to do: think their thoughts and decide to think something else if it isn’t what they want. Do that and every single one wins the prize, reaches the goal, rings the bell, achieves success. Of course, taken just a bit further, everyone is ultimately successful no matter how they think. . .
It Just Isn’t About Effort And Action. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–Relax. Let go. No worries. You’re covered. You’re already successful.
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