Daily Inspiration 4-30-14

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“If you are losing your peace 
in your quest for peace, 
you are not on the road to peace. 
The road to peace is peace.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

When I saw this quote, I was amazed. Such simplicity, yet so profound. It makes perfect sense and though I have felt that I know this and have known it, it still felt like a new bit of wisdom.

Consider removing the word peace and making it a blank underline that we can write something else in. How about these?

If you are losing well being in your quest for well being, you are not on the road to well being. The road to well being is well being.

If you are losing patience in your quest for patience, you are not on the road to patience. The road to patience is patience.

If you are losing love in your quest for love, you are not on the road to love. The road to love is love.

If you are losing compassion in your quest for compassion, you are not on the road to compassion. The road to compassion is compassion.

If you are losing _____________ in your quest for ______________, you are not on the road to ___________. The road to ____________ is ____________.

Matching Our Attitude With Our Desires Is Worthy Of Awareness And Alignment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–The road to joy is JOY!

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