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The Best Is Yet To Come
Optimism Week
“I am a cynical optimist. Big opening weekends are like cotton candy. The films you will remember over time are the films that stick in the consciousness of the audience in a good way.”
— Robert Redford
“Pessimism, when you get used to it, is just as agreeable as optimism.”
— Arnold Bennett
Have you ever met someone who speaks positive words and does the opposite? Ever met someone who speaks like an optimist but is often depressed and pessimistic? I have. At one point, it was me, and I see in some others, that me that I used to be. Arnold Bennett’s quote is just that way. Pessimism can be very agreeable once you get used to it. For many it is the way it is. It is reality.
I was like the ‘cotton candy’ in the Robert Redford quote, but somehow after a lot of years of trial and error, I started believing the positive messages I used to say but not live. I started acting on them and living in them, and my life changed over time. Then, there was a catalyst–something that made a dramatic change almost overnight, that took me to a whole new level of optimism and even higher to joy. That, for me, was The Secret audiobook by Rhonda Byrne. That audio gave me some answers that were so dang obvious that I was amazed and instantly transformed.
It wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. Many of the things in the audiobook were things I had spoken of for years and that I had heard so many others say in my study of positive principles. You probably know what I’m talking about in that you have knowledge of something and then you hear it said a certain way, and then all of a sudden, you get it. All of a sudden you know it like the back of your hand, and you might even laugh knowing that you knew it all along, yet you didn’t quite understand it. That’s how it was.
It changed my life as nothing ever has. Now, I saw with clarity and looked forward with enthusiasm and became a joy seeker and much more. Since listening to The Secret, I have read probably a hundred books that have clarified many things to the point that I now know it. I am so grateful for that seed and for this knowledge because it has brought more joy into my life in the last few years than all the years prior combined. That is so powerful and and so wonderful. No more cotton candy.
I wish for you a tenth as much joy.
My Optimism Is My Joy. My Joy Is My Optimism.
Spread Some Joy Today–Let something be a catalyst to your skyrocketing joy! You might try The Secret. I recommend the audiobook highly. The DVD version is good, but the audiobook is much better I think. Or, send me an email and I’ll give you a suggested list. Or, go to the bookstore or library and look for yourself. One will surely lead to another if you’re open to it.
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