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“On the day you die,

you will have e-mail in your inbox.

Then what will you do?.”

— Robert Holden

Today I had one more opportunity to rise to spontaneity rather than doing work, or thinking about work as is my lifelong habit pattern. Work is important. I’ve a business to run and all that, but living life is important, and life is precious. I’m seeing that more every day as my wife’s illness depletes her physically. So, when she is wanting to take a ride or something that she wants to do and she has the energy, where I used to find ways to avoid going to do what seemed pressing, I now find ways to say yes to go and do while the opportunity still exists.

We have this tendency to take life for granted until there is something that causes and interruption to that train of thought. The interesting thing is that none of us knows when our time will be. I’ve seen family members, co-workers, and others who were here today, and suddenly gone tomorrow. What would be different in our lives if we treated each person we interact with as if they wouldn’t be here a month from now? Maybe we would pay more attention to them, or say what we feel, or spend more time with them. Maybe we would love them while we could, and that would be a very good thing.

So today, she got up, got dressed and wanted to ride up the coast which is a long drive. At first I said that I had so much to do, could we do it in a day or two, and then I thought which was the real important thing? It became obvious that the ride was far more important, so we went for a long ride. My email was there when I returned and nothing fell apart. In fact, probably some things just fell together. That’s the benefit of a team. My company doesn’t revolve around me in reality, though from time to time my ego argues with that theory.

I have a very strong work ethic. I enjoy my work. It isn’t even work to me most of the time. But, as the quote at the top says, I will have emails in my inbox when I die and then what will I do about that? There’s only one answer: nothing!

We’ve all heard that stuff about smelling the roses, right? Well today, it seemed that all the trees on the planet grew leaves in the last two days. The greenery was incredible. There were forests of purple and yellow flowers on the brush all around out by the coast. There was so much beauty surrounding us that it often took our breath away. All for the cost of a half a tank of gas and a few hours of daylight. What a bargain!

Time Is Not Short. Life Is. Live It.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find a way to say yes instead of a list of reasons why not.

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