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“I am never upset 
for the reason I think.” 

— A Course in Miracles 

[Classic post from 5-1-17]

A friend and reader of these Daily Inspirations sent me a note this morning about yesterday’s post. He mentioned that he had just finished a book that I always recommend to anyone and every one by Gerald G. Jampolsky, Love Is Letting Go of Fear. I mentioned that I have read it at least ten times and of course, I’ve stated here that I have given a few hundred copies away over the years.

So, with that book in my thoughts as a result of this email, I picked it up again and opened at random to the chapter with the title, I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think. What a perfect place to land. So, I thought I would share a few insights from that very short chapter.

It begins with this profound statement: “Most of us have a belief system based on experiences from the past and on perceptions from the physical senses. Have you considered that what we believe is what we see?” 

Of course, we think that we have to “see it is to believe it,” but that is backward. Some say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” And yet, “I’ll see it when I believe it,” is the real truth.

Gerald adds, “We all have the power to direct our minds to replace the feelings of being upset, depressed, and fearful with the feeling of inner peace. . . When I recognize that I always have the choice between being fearful or experiencing Love by extending Love to others, I need no longer be upset for any reason.” 

This delightful thought came to me after re-reading this chapter: Put Your Love Glasses On! Yeah! Love that idea! Now, these are special glasses indeed. They only let love come through to the eyes and into the brain, positively infecting our beliefs so that we then see more love, deeper love, unconditional love wherever we may turn our gaze. With our Love Glasses on, we believe what we see and we see what we believe.

Don’t Forget Your Love Glasses Today! 

Spread Some Joy Today–on your journey of knowing that you ultimately have the power to see that which you want to see, and to experience that which you want to experience, and to feel the love that you are.

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