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“Not knowing and yet doing

is infinitely better than

knowing and not doing.”

— Albert K Strong

When I don’t know what to do and yet I find a way to act anyway, it is somewhat likely that I will stumble on to something worthwhile, but when I know what to do and either procrastinate doing, or choose deliberately to not do what I know I need to do, that is a fight at the core of my being.

I’ve learned enough from serious study to know what to do in a wide range of life tasks, and yet I do not do anywhere near as much as I could do. In some aspects, I procrastinate until tomorrow offers another today and then I procrastinate some more.

One of the biggest procrastinations is something I have referred to many times, but today I was watching an Abraham-Hicks video on YouTube and Esther Hicks spoke these words that rang a chord so that I could not let it go by unnoticed. She said, “If you can wake up every morning and think the thoughts that you want to think, then nothing can keep you from anything. But, if you’re waking up and your thoughts are contained by the manifestation, then you can’t move from where you are.”

How many of you visualize? Think the thoughts that you really want to think? See things the way you want them to be? Find ways to appreciate where you are right now as you desire something else? I would answer those poorly. And, I know better. I truly do. It is this that I am referring to in my procrastination. Yes, the sign on my wall says, What is MY job and How is GODS job, and yet I don’t do my job very well and I somehow expect that God will come through anyway. Not very realistic, or even fair.

As Esther says in paraphrase, as I pay all my attention to what is already created, or that which is the current reality and this that is all around me, I cannot move from where I am, or at least, not very dang far. But, if I will only do MY job of knowing what I want, thinking the thoughts I WANT to think, visualizing the life I want to be a part of, and more, then I have a very good chance of moving toward it, or rather, it becoming me.

I’m so tired of this procrastination on this subject and I am redoubling my commitment to following through immediately. I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of this important change.

I Have Always Had The Power, Yet Often Have Not Accepted It. The Time Is NOW.

Spread Some Joy Today–Feel your own power to create as the Creator that you are.

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