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“Reality is real 
within every perspective. 
It is not static. 
It is fluid.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

This will be in two parts. Part two will continue tomorrow.

Have you ever been talking with someone, subsequently giving them a bit of advice regarding interaction with others, and be so reminded of something that you needed to remember to make better use of in your own life? You knew it, but had temporarily not given it any recent attention until you saw the situation so clearly in your conversation with the other that the advice just flowed out of you and it was so clearly the perfect solution to the situation.

This happened yesterday for me and it brought me such joy as to last all yesterday, and even into this morning just thinking about it. In other words, my teaching lesson wasn’t for the other, it was for me. I needed to be reminded and this was a perfect opportunity for me to see it even more clearly than how I knew it before. It was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. It is said that we teach that which we crave to learn ourselves.

It has to do with reality. You know. . . that which is in your face, and that which you accept as the way it is, even when you may want it to be something else. It often helps create drama and more focus and holds us away from what we really want because what we don’t want demands our fuller attention. Yeah, that reality. The reality that they talk about in the newspaper, on the TV news, radio, tabloids, Internet and in one on one interactions in business, romantic relationships, in fact everything around and about us. Yes, it demands our attention. And so, we comply.

But, it is only A reality. It is not THE reality. Because reality is simply what we choose to focus on. Yes, we often choose to focus on things that cause us to feel negative emotions, to be upset, angry, down. It happens all the time, and yet, we could choose differently if we remembered that we have that power. The power of choice. I get to choose how I want to feel by choosing how I view this situation. I get to choose. And yes again, we often choose to feel bad by choosing how we view a situation. But, it is not the tail wagging the dog, we are wagging the tail. In other words, we are making the choice in every moment of what we will focus on.

The image above shows people in a circle with one inside the circle. This is reality. There they are. Yet, each and every one in the image has a different view. Each and every one has a different reality. Some aspects are similar, but each is unique. So which one is real? They all are. There is no reality. There is only a choice of what we will pay attention to, and in that there are many things that we could pay attention to. For example, we could be one of the outsiders. We could be viewing the most obvious by focusing on the person in the middle. Yet we could also focus on the person opposite us on the outside, or to our left or right. We could also focus on the ground, or the sky. There are so many perspectives. And, if we add more people, we simply add more perspectives. So reality is a fluid concept.

If we accept responsibility for our choices of focus, we may elect to choose a different focus than the most obvious, in-our-face choice, like the person in the middle. We always have a choice of what we will focus on. And, as we focus, we can know by how we feel if the focus we chose is beneficial, or what we would like. If it feels bad, we don’t have to stay with that. It should be obvious that this is not beneficial to us, yet our knowledge from the past may indicate that this is the reality that people just have to deal with. I say, crap to that! If it feels crappy it is crappy. Why stay there? All we need do is choose a different perspective–one that causes us to feel better; to feel good. And, we ALWAYS have the choice. We are the choosers.

Reality Is Simply A Choice Of Focus. We Are The Choosers. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by remembering that joy is simply a choice. It is not a result. It is a choice.

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