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“One of the reasons it has seemed so difficult
for a person to change his
habits, his personality,
or his way of life, has
been that heretofore nearly
all efforts at change have
been directed to the
circumference of the self,
so to speak,
rather than to the

— Maxwell

It has
been said, “so within, so without,” and yet when we want to change something
about ourselves, we can’t help but work on the outside. As an example, we want
to lose weight so we exercise, or eat less, or eat different things, or take
meal replacement therapy, or combinations of these things. All are in the
circumference. I believe that this is why if we were able to succeed by applying
the effort that it doesn’t last as we think it would because we haven’t done
anything to change the core.
is the core that appears to be the toughest challenge. The same is true with our
businesses, our worklife, anything and everything that we do. Working in our
business is far easier than working on our business. Working in the thing that
we think brings us our money is so much easier than becoming a money attractor
from within.
there’s no roadmap, or so it would seem. But there is. The problem with that is
that it is within and it is something that we can focus on and work with instead
of against, but we choose to focus on the circumference. We have to answer the
phone, deal with this issue and that, and interruptions–you know, the stuff of
life. Then, it’s the end of the day and we vow to change tomorrow and redouble
our efforts, maybe even write it down on a to-do list, then repeat the same
scenario throughout many years, even a lifetime.
is a proven fact that meditation helps us to get in touch with our inner selves,
yet so few of us devote so little time in that connection we so need.
Visualization is another such device and finding quiet time to visualize what we
want each day is at least as hard as the meditation.
some point, we hope that we will make a commitment to ourselves to heal
ourselves and love ourselves and devote a reasonable amount of time in our day
to ourselves and being in alignment and focus.
we do, we remember how easy it is to change, when we don’t, we remember just how
hard it is to change.

We Will Change When We Want To Enough

Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that within each of us is all the power and
direction that we need. All of it.
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