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“If we cling to belief in God, 
we cannot likewise have faith, 
since faith is not clinging but letting go.” 

— Alan W. Watts 

This quote leapt off the page at me, and I thought, “wow, how perfect a thought about faith.” How about if we take that quote and modify it just a bit to this:

If we cling to belief in _______, we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go. There it is. Now simply fill in the blank. If we cling to belief in. . .

. . . not or never having enough money, or not making enough money
. . . the world being a more and more dangerous place
. . . the idea that there is no gain without pain
. . . always punishing those who are at fault
. . . jealousy being a way to show I care or love someone
. . . peace coming from victory over evil
. . . never finding someone to love me like I crave to be loved
. . . being too fat and can’t seem to lose the weight
. . . smart enough, creative enough, lucky enough, good looking enough
. . . depression being something that happens without our permission or thinking
. . . things never seeming to work out for me
. . . doubt
. . . revenge
. . . being less than others

I’ve mentioned the sign on my wall now for several years that says, “What is MY job! How is GOD’s job! Since belief is simply a thought that we continue to think over a period of time, belief is something that is malleable. We often get so hung up on how something will come to pass, that we try to do God’s job, or as they say in church, God’s Will. There’s a good one to add to the list above: If we cling to belief in God’s Will being out of our control, we cannot likewise have faith. . .

The only thing we have to do is decide what we want, and we don’t even have to believe in it. Once we decide it, God will figure out how, and our faith is expressed in letting go, getting out of the way, releasing it, trusting its fulfillment. Trust is a better word than faith, I think. Let’s try it out:

If we cling to belief in God, we cannot likewise have trust, since trusting is not clinging but letting go. Trust goes way beyond believing. It becomes knowing, and knowing is perfect trust, perfect faith. I don’t need to believe because I know. My trust is the manifestation of knowing.

I’m No Longer A Believer. It IS. I AM. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by looking all around you today for the joy that is waiting to be recognized and appreciated and shared.

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