Daily Inspiration 4-22-12

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“The key to your universe is that you can choose.”

— Carl Frederick

Today is Earth Day and many will focus on what is wrong about the climate and the deforestation and the ozone, and a long list of other perceived ailments. I say, why have a special day to do that? We have a tendency to do that every day.

So, today, let’s try something different. Let us bless this miraculous Earth, with its continuing abundance, and its variety of spectacular views, highs and lows of terrain, bountiful water, and much more.
Let us find all the things that we can think of that are wonderful about the Earth that we live on.

Let us put our focus on the wellness rather than the illness. It is far more in our own perceptions than anything else.

Let Us Focus On What Is Right And Good. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–If you focus on joy, you will see and have joy.

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