Daily Inspiration 4-21-13

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“If absolute power corrupts absolutely,

does absolute powerlessness make you pure?”

— Harry Shearer

I had some thoughts on powerlessness that came to me today. It was this: “Your feelings of powerlessness automatically gives others more power over you rather than less as is somehow mistakenly hoped for. It is only in reasserting your own sense of power that allows others to give it back.”

Ever know someone who exhibits and/or complains about feeling powerless? I can bet that what I just said from that thought today is true. It is interesting that the more we feel less, that the more others get more than they actually wanted. And, conversely, the more we feel more or adequate or wholly worthy, the less others take or want.

I think if we analyze our own feelings, we may decide to come to terms with how poorly they serve us in life other than to bring attention to the need for a change, a decision, some action on a previously unfulfilled decision and more.

Here’s To Allowing Ourselves To Be Whole Rather Than Delegating Our Pieces.

Spread Some Joy Today–Love is the only answer and starting at home base first.

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