Daily Inspiration 4-20-14

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“How wonderful 
that no one need wait 
a single moment 
to improve the world.” 

— Anne Frank 

Today is Easter, and for Christians, it is the single largest church day and celebration of Jesus. He made a difference then and thousands of years later is still making a difference to millions.

There is a very, very long list of celebrity–people who became well known, even if for only a short time, who made a difference, and books written by them or about them continue their legacy now and beyond. There are current celebrities as well doing the same.

Then there’s you and me and so many of our friends and acquaintances who are not famous or celebrities except to a very tight group. And yet, each and every one is worthy of similar celebration with the likes of Jesus, and the thousands of celebrities and famous people that have gone before and live now.

Each and every one of us makes a difference. Just by being alive, we make a difference. The effect of that difference might be beneficial, or at least we hope this, but it can also be otherwise. Of course, we are the only ones who choose this as it is never forced upon us.

Celebrate the difference you make in others lives today. If you’re going to church, don’t forget to lift yourself up as worthy too. Feel the love that you release from yourself to so many others in the workplace, or the family at home. Consider the ways in what you do helps others, whether it is in your chosen career, or as simple as a smile of interaction with anyone in your path.

This is not an ego trip. It is not being selfish the way most would apply that term. It is acknowledging the love you give in so many ways though kindness, accomplishment, building things, growing things, fixing things, soothing things and people, and a thousand other ways we affect one another.

Today, I celebrate you! You are worthy! You make a tremendous difference.

Celebrate How Your Own Value To Improves The World. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Share your value.

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