Daily Inspiration 4-20-13

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“Every story has an end.

But, in life, every ending

is just a new beginning.”

— The character Ray, played by Dakota Fanning

in the movie Uptown Girls

I’ve heard this concept stated many ways, but none as cool and succinct as this one. “Every story has an end. But, in life, every ending is just a new beginning.” Isn’t it the truth when you have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight.

It’s amazing how upset we can be about endings. It shouldn’t be. Too short. Why me? It could have been something!, Good riddance. And, a thousand and one other responses to endings. Yet, they aren’t really endings, but new beginnings.

What about getting excited about endings? Ever have that happen? I’ve gotten so excited about some endings that they were among the most joyous days of my life. And, conversely, I have also felt the opposite. The difference is, one, I was ready to let go, couldn’t wait for it to end and the other I couldn’t stand to let it go, my ego was so tied up in it, and I was wishing and hoping for another way than an end.

The reality? They were both new beginnings. One by choice, and one by default, but beginnings they were. Guess which ones were the more joyous all around? Certainly not the ones where I was dragging my feet so horribly. . .

It’s So Much Fun To Recognize The New Beginning In The End.

Spread Some Joy Today–Where are your new beginnings? I’m sure there are several in your path. Get excited. Spread the joy.

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