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“It is not our differences that divide us. 
It is our inability to recognize, accept 
and celebrate those differences.” 

— Audre Lorde 

[Classic post from 4-28-16]

As you may know, the artist, Prince, died this month. He was never on my radar as a musical artist. I was too busy being focused on the Beatles, the Eagles, Chicago, Jim Croce, Badfinger, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, and many others. I knew of Prince in a basic way in that if you listened to top 40 music, you would hear of Prince. Yet, I never bought one single or album of Prince’s. It is only now with all the tributes on Facebook, YouTube and the Internet that I am learning so much more about this wonderful human being, philanthropist, promoter of love and healing, and someone who shared his wealth in so many ways with so many people around the globe.

I recall three short video clips I saw recently of Prince where I was completely amazed and in awe of his talent as a musician. It is said that on his first album recorded in Sausalito CA, there were 27 instruments used and he played them all. A massive talent to be sure.

I saw a quote about popularity this morning by Cyril Connolly: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” There is no doubt that Prince was unique in himself, and yet still had and has a massive public audience.

Each one of us is unique. We are like individual snowflakes, never duplicated, yet all made of the same ingredients. Each one of us is multi-talented, and could be considered experts at something. Sometimes we get hung up on the word expert thinking perhaps there can be only one true expert, but being an expert is something we all are because it only means that we have skills in some area.

Popularity is a funny thing. It is often something we crave and chase, wanting fame and the fortunes said to come with it, but what we really crave is acceptance. Remember high school? Craving acceptance. Doing crazy things to fit in and be accepted, quickly discarding our uniqueness in the process because the craving is so strong. More often than not, popularity becomes conformity. And though I left high school 49 years ago, I can see the kids in the neighborhood are still very much in touch with that basic craving acceptance strategy of conformity. But, it simply means we have to look a little closer to see more of the uniqueness, and because that is where all the real value is.

To say that it is our differences that divide us is oh so common, and it is to live in fear and promoting fear. It often directs our politics, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The quote at the beginning by Audre Lorde is so perfectly and succinctly stated how we are as people in our relationships, intimately and globally. When we can see our differences by recognizing them, accepting them, and celebrating them, we can live as unique snowflakes in a world covered with snow.

Recognize, Accept And Celebrate The Differences In One Or More People In Your Life Today. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing your ego’s craving for acceptance by loving yourself exactly, and especially the way you now are.

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