Daily Inspiration 4-2-14

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“Common sense ain’t common.” 

— Will Rogers

My partner told me a funny thing today that reminded me of how many times we just respond to things without even giving the response any thought at all. He was talking with a guy and was suggesting some things to do to help him with his business, and the guy said, “Yeah, that sounds good. We should do that. Give me a call and we’ll set an appointment.” So, my partner is thinking to himself, “maybe I should hang up and call him right back? I’m on the phone with him now, what kind of response is this?” So, tactfully, he made an appointment.

People often ask you how you’re doing and so often we might say, “Oh, fine.” As a salesman I used to have fun asking a stupid question (stupid for any salesperson to ask, that is) such as, “Can I help you?” Of course, the common answer is, “no thanks, just looking.”

The best strategy is to avoid questions where you know people typically will answer thoughtlessly. Or not. Sometimes it’s fun to ask stupid questions.

Or, If You’re On The Receiving End, Throw A Change-up! You Might Even Wake Them Up! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Have some fun today. Silliness is underrated.

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