Daily Inspiration 4-2-12

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“There are opportunities everywhere,
just as there have always been. . . .”

— Charles Fillmore

Some people go around yelling, ‘the sky is falling!’ and other such dribble. Others complain about lack of opportunities especially for certain classes of people that are called the disadvantaged. As we look around, listen to what is being said, read what newspapers print, watch what goes on the news, etc., we could easily mistake the world as coming soon to an end.

All of those things and more like them are true. They are all true for those who pay attention to them and live within them.

The hopeful news is that the world is full of untapped opportunities that are so grand in quality and quantity that what was once though completely impossible will be found to be child’s play. There are indeed opportunities everywhere, just as there have always been, and just as will always be.

These things and more like them are true. They are true for those who believe this and allow themselves to be open to those opportunities to be seen.

Think about one of the most world changing things that has created millions of jobs, businesses, fortunes, and incredible public service all at the same time: the Internet. Let’s only go back to say 1998 when it was just picking up steam using browsers to navigate through websites and such. Millions of jobs have come in this short period of time. Companies have exploded in unprecedented growth with unprecedented speed.

Just take one example of those companies that went from nothing to billions in revenue and stock value–Google. According to the Internet, Google earned just over $29 billion in 2010. For most of us, that is just a stupid number. It is a monster, and that is just one company dealing in the Internet creating value, products, services, employment, and much more. Such a young company too and have only just begun their earning potential.

Our own Internet company is a tiny spec on that scale so small that it could not be seen with the naked eye; however, it has provided income, employment, services, and much value. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of companies just like us.

And you know what? The Internet didn’t even exist a very short time ago. Facebook is only six years old. What a wondrous thing this Internet has become and who knows where it will take us in the coming years. One thing seems certain: it will be more tomorrow than it is today.

Opportunites Are Like That.

Spread Some Joy Today–Live in hope and confidence. Those two things combine into joy.

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