Daily Inspiration 4-2-11

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“Whenever a man does the best he can,
then that is all he can do. . .”
— Harry S Truman
Success is such a relative concept and there are as many measurements as there are people I think. It is really easy to get hung up on goals and measuring success or failure based on whether those were achieved or not. Having been in sales almost all my life, I have seen a lot of hang ups about success and goals.
Based on my own experience and my own vision in watching others, I know our number one problem is how we feel about ourselves when it comes to success and failure. It is partially driven by our self-talk, and the point I want to make here is that we can be our own worst enemy at times. . .
. . . and to that I say, lighten up!
A good way to do that is to model Harry Truman’s phrase, and just do your best and let the rest be whatever it dang well wants to be. You’re good. You’re covered. There will always be more to do, more to achieve, missed deadlines, missed opportunities and plenty of success as well. Give it your best shot and let that be good enough. Because if it is your best shot, there is no more to be had, so whomever may be wanting more will just have to look somewhere else for it.
We make such a big, hairy deal about a lot of things that don’t amount to a hill of beans.
Just Be Happy and the Rest Will Take Care Of Itself.
Spread Some Joy Today–show your calm, cool, enthusiastic self to everyone you can today. People will love being around you.
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