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“Gratitude is the antidote to depression.” 
— Dr. Kelly Brogan 

[Classic post from 4-15-17]

Here is the whole quote that I gleaned from an interview with Marie Forleo in a recent video on her website: “Gratitude is the antidote to depression because when you can feel that expansive sensation and you can experience the wonder of it all, you’re never going to be able to move into that space of victimization or rage or frustration or hopelessness”. 

I’ll add a quote from the Paul Selig book, I Am the Word, that adds, even more, clarity: “Once you could understand that engaging in wonder will lift your frequency and align you to breaking out of a belief system that has held itself prominent, you can use it to your benefit to change yourself permanently. Period.” 

As we are vibrating at a lower frequency, we experience and attract those things that are of a lower frequency such as frustration, anger, feeling victimized, feeling helpless to change, and more. And as we want to feel better, have others and situations around us that feel better, we can use simple gratitude to move our frequency higher. This causes more of the higher frequency experiences to come into our senses, resulting in expansion of our gratitude, and ever higher vibratory senses like wonder, amazement, awareness, expansiveness, unconditional love, and more.

This is why we can feel it. We live in a vibratory world. We’ve all experienced those lower vibrations, and they don’t just go away on their own because as they vibrate there, they are attracting more vibrations that match it. We all know that something has to change, and the change is usually simple enough, and as we move into that change, the vibration naturally rises, attracting more like it, and as it rises higher, more like it and so on. We can feel that. We’ve all experienced it.

I love the simplicity of knowing this in this way and knowing what I can do to make the change I want when I want to while knowing that as I am okay with where I am vibrating, I can stay as long as I want there too.

I Am In My Choosing At All Times. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making that choice as you see fit. Feel it. Share it. Feel that higher vibration.

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