Daily Inspiration 4-19-12

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“To desire is to obtain;
to aspire is to achieve.””You will become as small as your controlling desire;
or as great as your dominant aspiration.”

— James Allen

Tonight I am fascinated with the word aspire. It sort of makes wants and desires little things. It is grand in scope and weightless in spirit. It means to rise, to ascend, to soar and in Latin, it means to breathe upon. That makes me think about breathing life into something. A desire it wanting something, but to aspire is to become, to intend.

When I am considering and dreaming of and playing with my aspirations, I feel free and alive and full of hope and wonder at the same time. What is happening here and now is of little importance. It is more like a connection with the Infinite and what possibilities exist regardless of circumstances, past history, or any other limiting factor.

It is exciting and joyous to have and consider my aspirations–those near and not so near and the more attention I place there instead of the most current desire or such things as goals, the better everything works for me.

Yet sometimes, we think that we must pay more attention to reality. Sure, maybe we need to deal with some things, but that number is never as large as we seem to think. We need to get back to our aspirations, our dream, our passion, and live there!

Live The Dream, Baby. . . Live The Dream!

Spread Some Joy Today–When I dream of possibilities, I find joy, and when I think about reality, I find obligation and no joy. Let’s see. . . Joy. . . no joy. . . which shall it be? Hmmmmm. . .

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