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“Perception is a mirror, not a fact." 

— A Course in Miracles

[Classic post from 12-20-15]

Alan Cohen says, “The universe is simultaneously infinite in its capacity to support you, and ingenious in the ways it can find to do it." It might be difficult, even challenging for us to really believe something like this from our perspective of living in a finite world.

So. . . it is really good, I think, to take a little bit of time periodically to see just a tiny morsel of the vastness of the space that we live in.

Seemingly unending galaxies, each with billions if not trillions of planets with millions if not billions of stars like our own Sun. Even the closest ones with us traveling at the speed of light would take more years than we have to give to get there. Of course, we currently have no way to travel that fast, so the vastness remains. The other perspective is that the light that we are receiving in our view is light that left those galaxies millions of years ago. It’s just mind-boggling to consider how big and vast this all is.

Closer to home, we have the oceans and why our Earth is called the Blue Planet. Some years ago, this photo was taken by my late wife, Nancy as I gazed at the vastness of all that I could see of the Pacific Ocean at Muir Lookout above San Francisco. I can only see a few miles of ocean, yet even that is so vast that I can’t get my head around it. As I consider the number of drops of water in that space, my brain cannot do it. I just have to accept this view as it is.

The planet has many vast deserts, some covered with so much sand. Consider the number of granules of sand in this one view. It’s a crazy number that we may not even be able to write, let alone the whole of that one desert. You could walk for days and not find anything more than more of this.

So. . . it is really good, I think, to take a little bit of time periodically to see how small we are, how small our problems are, in relation–in perspective to the vast space that we live in. Then, when we turn our focus back on our much more limited views of our lives, a bit of the magic of that vastness may remain to help us to feel oh so good about where we are in our lives. It’s a great way to add more joy to your life. I know it does for me. When I contemplate these vast things for a few minutes, I feel refreshed in my perception, giving me a delightful perspective by knowing that I am simultaneously significant and insignificant and that all of my so-called problems are not that at all.

Whatever Problems We Think We Have Completely Disappear In The Vastness Of The Creation Around Us. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of your current perceptions for just a little while until your joy returns.

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