Daily Inspiration 4-18-19

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“If we could read 
the secret history of our enemies 
we would find in each man’s sorrow and suffering 
enough to disarm all hostility.” 
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

[Classic post from 4-14-17]

We can. They are in us. We are they. They are us. We are all of one race: the human race.

When we close our eyes to the human being that others are, we can find all the faults we desire to find; however, all of those faults are in us in one way or another. Human suffering is universal, and human joy is the reality we can choose when we allow our minds to open to the other, whether in front of us, in another city, or in another land.

This is compassion. It is an understanding. An understanding that we are no better and no worse than anyone else on the planet. We are all children of one God regardless of the hundreds of names we give that. We are all worthy of life because we are living it. And, compassion allows the view of the secret history of all. Enemies no more.

Compassion Is The Open Door To Appreciation. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by expanding your love to love not just a few, but all. If you really knew them, they would be friends.

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