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“Give whatever you are doing and whoever
you are with the gift of your attention.”
— Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn had such a way with words and was blessed with a gift of making a complex idea simple and akin to common sense. He might just change one word in a sentence and it went from mundane to magical. The sentence above is an indication when he adds the word gift. The gift of your attention. What a powerful phrase that becomes.

I try to remember how important this is to me when I am in communication with another. I caught myself doing poorly the other day when having coffee with someone and in the background was all these strange people that were out of place in that environment. It seemed almost impossible for my eyes to not see what was going on and pay closer attention to the person in front of me. So, I kept reminding myself to focus.

I have many business meetings with people who have a lot of interruptions, who take many phone calls and such while we are meeting. I always wait patiently because I know they are busy and I don’t want them to miss any opportunity at business, but at the same time, they are not giving me or what I am bringing to them the attention that it so deserves. I will often tell them to take the call if they need to in order to have it feel okay with them.

What is really irritating is talking to someone on the phone and having them put me on hold and take other calls. I’ve even had people take several calls, sometimes coming back and saying they have to take this call, and sometimes, I just hang up. It shows a disrespect and it is an indication of where my importance is on their scale.

Years ago when I used to have an office and was a busy sales manager at an auto dealership, if I had an appointment with someone, I would close my door and mute my phone and give them my full attention for a few minutes. I really do believe that Jim is right in that it is a gift of attention.

I haven’t always succeeded with perfection at this, but it has become a habit with me generally and I find it very beneficial.

I’ve Also Found That The More Important The Person I’m Talking To Is, The More They Control Their Time By Giving Me The Gift Of Their Attention. I Love Gifts Like That!

Spread Some Joy Today–Give people the gift of your attention today without commercial interruption.

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