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“Wisdom is merely the movement 
fighting life to embracing it.” 
— Rasheed Ogunlaru 

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[Classic post from 12-17-15]

The more I looked at this wonderful quote, the more I think I have to agree with it. So much of my life was some sort of struggle with life, swimming upstream, trying to make things happen with my actions alone, and much more.

It’s only in the last ten years, and the last five or so in particular, where I feel the wisdom of embracing life rather than being at odds with it.

Alan Cohen, one of my favorite authors, said it similarly this way: “I always end up making the right decision. The length of time, and degree of ease or difficulty that it takes me to get there, is the subject of my spiritual practice.”

Wisdom is something to move into by embracing life, and our ability to make choices and all of it is a spiritual journey, so it is a work in progress; although, I like the word journey better.

Here’s To All Of Us Embracing Life On Our Mutual Spiritual Journey. 

Spread Some Joy Today–What a valuable journey that is!

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