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“There is more to that story 
than meets the eye.” 
— Common phrase 

[Classic post from 4-5-17]

Common human behavior indicates that we are so quick to decide on accepting a point of view as representative of the whole, even though it is almost never true. It’s funny how that is.

I was looking for something on YouTube yesterday, and on the right side where it suggests videos, there was one that screamed, “He was a loser.” The title is actually this: Lucy, You Can Hear The Pain In Her Voice. Desi, “He Was A Loser.”” This is a 4.5-minute excerpt from a Barbara Walters special featuring Lucy and husband Gary Morton. I watched the segment and the title is focusing on one small part, and in fact, Lucy was praising Desi in a big way, while also pointing out some of his failings. From her perspective, of course.

Having just finished the wonderful book, Lucy and Desi, by Warren G. Harris, which was obviously well researched and presented them in wide angle and narrow field lenses along with many outside and inside perspectives, I laughed at the title of the video. But, we seem to follow that kind of carrot and then go so far as to make decisions and judgments based on so tiny a window into their lives. And, we do that with news from the newspaper, the TV, and so many things on social media, rumors at work, and more.

It’s interesting how many bits of subjects are out there and almost no one knows the ‘more to the story’ because, well, who has the time?

Nowadays, I just have to laugh at all this stuff. I get my early chuckles from the newspaper every day except Tuesday. Yes, the newspaper takes Tuesdays off to save money, so on Tuesday’s, I must find a different source to tickle me.

So. . . . what if we stopped making decisions on judgment from all of these bits and held out for more information? What if we said to ourselves, and to others, “there has to be more to that story, and I would love to hear more from other perspectives.” What if we simply refused to judge at all. I think I heard it somewhere that we might consider ‘judging not, lest we be judged.’

Besides that aspect, learning more about the story may take us from scorn to praise! I know that I sort of grew up with I Love Lucy and several of her shows after, and yet I knew almost nothing about Lucy and Desi and all that they did, whom they affected and more. I learned so much from that book that gave me an opening to loving all of those that were in the book and coming to huge appreciation for all they did and all that they affected so positively over the many, many years.

So what about the other stuff. When I get more of the story and learn more about a subject or a person, I get a whole new perspective that the bits cannot serve. I see real people leading real lives and having all manner of challenges and adjustments just like you and me and the next door neighbor. We are all on this journey as connected souls having a human experience. It’s a wonderful thing to view and be a part of and especially with a more in-depth perspective.

When You Know More Of The Story, There Is Appropriate Appreciation In Perspective. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting everyone be who they are and do what they do without any insistence that they satisfy you. If you really knew them. I mean, really knew them, you would love them. That door swings both ways too.

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