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“Continuing to tell stories of shortage 
only continues to contradict 
 your desire for abundance, 
 and you cannot have it both ways: 
 You cannot focus upon unwanted 
 and received wanted.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

I’ve been doing some classes this week and talking to truck salesmen. Two of them stood out reminding me of how I used to be, or rather how I used to talk, or rather how I used to complain in various ways. Mostly I would complain that I could succeed if they would just do this or that, or I could do better with this or that, or why don’t they fix this or that?

As I studied and learned from some wise teachers, I learned that this transference of responsibility for success to anyone and anything outside of me was not serving me at all. In fact, it was holding me back from the very thing that I said I wanted.

And after studying the teachings of Abraham, all of that has come into such a clear view that I am astonished at how much easier it is to understand and make better choices.

They say that every subject is two subjects: That which is wanted and that which is unwanted. They say it is like looking at a stick that has two ends. One side may be abundance, and the other is scarcity, one side is health, and the other is illness, one side is joy and the other side is despair, and so on. And, they say, the only thing that matters is which end of the stick you are focused on. 

This makes it so simple to see that if I am focused on what is wrong, I cannot very well have what is right. We cannot focus in two places at once. So, if I am wanting more money, I cannot focus on the lack of money and have more money, if I am talking about illness, I am focusing on illness and I will not have the health that I really desire.

As a salesperson, if I am focusing on any of the perceived roadblocks to my success that these other people have been putting in my way, I cannot succeed. If I say that I would be happy to do that if they would only pay me to do that, I cannot do what may be the very thing that will help me have more money, sales, and success. It is simply a matter of which end of the stick we are focusing on by talking about it, telling stories about it, sharing it with others, thinking about it silently.

The only way out of this place of unwanted, is as easy as turning our attention and focus on what is wanted. If I want more sales, I focus on more sales coming to me. If I want more money, I talk about the benefits of more money, if I want health, I stop talking or thinking about illness and focus on how it feels to be healthy. It becomes even more effective to expand on that new focus by explaining to ourselves, others, in our journal, our book of Positive Aspects, why we want what we want, what the benefits are, or why we want more money, why we want better health, and so on. As we expand there, the Law of Attraction brings more of the same kind of thoughts, and more, and more helping us to achieve what we are wanting.

In other words, we have to tell a better story. We need to stop telling it like it is or like it used to be, and instead, tell it the way we want it to be.

Even though I have this wonderful knowledge and understanding, I need to practice it every day. Fortunately, all I really need do is simply pay attention to how I am feeling at any given moment. If I am feeling down, or negative emotion, I am out of alignment with what I want and heading toward more unwanted, and if I am feeling good, I am in alignment and heading toward more of what I want. Truly, it is this easy.

This is not the kind of thing I can tell people and expect that it will change them. First, it isn’t my responsibility to change anyone. Second, I can only lead by example.

We Can Only Lead By Our Own Example. Words Do Not Teach. Experience Does. Let Others See That.

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on your own joy first, then by your example, you spread it wherever you go.

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