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“I am not God, but I am my creator.”
— Terry Josephson
“The actions of men are the best
interpreters of their thoughts.”
— John Locke
“We are exactly where we have chosen to be.”
— Vernon Howard
Continuing from yesterday’s epiphany. . .
I might imagine that some who read my Daily Inspirations regularly may have thought that I am positive and I talk all the time about our thoughts and how they affect our circumstances, so what’s the big deal about the epiphany? I would say that yes, I had previously accepted that my thinking and my actions and my circumstances are intertwined, and yes, I have studied this stuff long enough that I am positive and aware of my thinking and so on.
Yesterday’s epiphany was sort of like the difference between knowing it well enough to quote it from your memory as if you know it, and having a keen and thorough understanding. It is like the difference between talking the walk and walking the talk. Better than this, it is the difference between understanding it and knowing it.
I don’t just understand that my thoughts create my circumstances and events, I know that I created them. It’s not just accepting responsibility for my actions, but accepting responsibility, or better yet, acknowledging myself as a creator. I will never again look to anyone or anything else for creating what is in my life. It is all created by me with co-creators taking part.
Here’s some examples in real life: I created the credit card debt by thinking that the credit was really my money to use and that I thought it would solve problems, when in reality it created problems. I saw having it as a status symbol and the higher the limits the more status. The credit card companies were co-creators only. I created the recession by thinking lack and by having a lousy financial plan, for if I had a good financial plan and thought abundance instead of lack, there could never be a recession. And, you can easily see how the co-creators can make it go viral in either direction.
The jobs or positions that I have held, the amount of money that I earned, what I have done with my time, what pleasures that I have had and what pains I have endured, what health I have had, and what diseases I have had are all created by me. Some creations were not deliberate but more by default. Lack of making a decision is in fact a decision. Ignoring a problem is indeed a decision. Taking charge and being purposeful is a decision. Whatever the decision, it is my thinking that is the creator.
Again, it is not just accepting responsibility, it is acknowledging myself as the creator of my world, my life, all of my experience.
What is the benefit of this? I now have no one or anything to blame for anything in my life that I am not pleased with–except me. I don’t normally like to use that word blame because it is entirely judgemental; however it fits here to explain. A better way might be to just say what is is and I created it all.
The other benefit to me is that this realization or acknowledgment fills me with joy and hope and a whole new future because I now know what to do to change anything to be more to my liking by guiding my thoughts and seeing how it feels. That is incredible power in my mind and it opens up a far brighter future than I could have previously imagined. It is like the difference from night to day.
When I’m In My Car, I’m Always Driving, Even When I Am Not At The Wheel.
Spread Some Joy Today–Think about how your thoughts have put you where you are now. There is joy realizing they are your thoughts and not someone elses.
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