Daily Inspiration 4-15-13

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“Interpret events in your favor.”

— Alan Cohen

I saw this quote early this morning and was instantly amazed at is subtle brilliance! My first thought was, of course! It makes perfect sense, although we generally don’t think of doing that, do we? I mean, normally, we interpret events as they seem to be and we may even add some potential fear-based conclusions that certainly do not favor us. It is more of the world coming down on us, things not turning out the way we want, just as the news on TV does.

But of course, we have always had and always will have the ultimate power to choose how we will think about anything. So, based on that power, why the heck not spin it to be something that is beneficial to us? Why the heck not?

Try it today. Try interpreting any and all events going on in your life and around you into events that totally benefit you. It’s time for you to be incredibly selfish. Serve yourself. Make it good. In fact, make it damn good! You deserve it all.

Well Done! YOU ROCK!

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