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“3a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure
b : a revealing scene or moment .”
— Merriam-Webster (m-w.com)
Today is a day that will remain an epiphany to me. It happened on the way to an all day event this morning and I couldn’t wait to get home almost 12 hours later and share it with you. It may take more than one post to tell this, but I think it is well worth sharing.
First of all. How does an epiphany come about? They are rare for me, but it is most often some simple thought that just comes to me, or something happens that causes me to think differently. In this case something happened early this morning that was not very important or significant in and of itself, but was more like a feather thrown on top of the load that tilts the scale. Some call it the tipping point.
It wasn’t just the event, but a combination of the event and listening to a learning CD I’ve listened to before. I wasn’t even paying that much attention to the CD, but all of a sudden my thinking changed about this thing that happened.
I have an eBay store and have since 2004 and someone bought a book from me and had an issue. It was a seemingly small issue that to the client turned into an opportunity and desire to give me negative feedback. Since 2004 and with over 11,300 feedback, I’ve had only about 5 negative feedback, so getting this one was a bit irritating, especially since I ALWAYS solve the problem; however, in this case, I took about 30 days to solve it and that was too long. My bad. Still, giving me negative feedback is lame. Funny thing is that today I refunded his money in full and then I found out about the negative feedback. So be it. I sent a note thanking him for the opportunity and was sorry that he felt badly enough to give that feedback.
Then an hour or so later in the truck, I started thinking that he was right and my irritation was undeserved. I normally solve problems immediately and this one took a month (even thought we had agreed to the time). I began thinking that if I had done as I normally do, this would have been positive feedback. . .
and then came the epiphany. . .
All of a sudden in a flash instant, I accepted full and complete responsibility for every thing that I have had or lacked in my entire life. I was jumping out of my skin for joy! You can’t imagine the feeling that this realization brought me.
I began to think about that and go through event after event in my life where I have blamed others, the government, circumstances, the economy, you-name-it things, and I instantly began rethinking the process and the result. It was like I was doing all this at lightning speed.
Then it came to me that I was an incredible creator and that I created all of that, every time, no exceptions. Oh, there were co-creators involved for sure, but they were participants, not conspirators.
I accepted responsibility as a creator for all of the events in my life including poor financial choices, low self-esteem, poor health choices and much more. I also accepted responsibility as a creator for all of the events in my life that served me, that were positive and helpful. It is important to accept both I think.
I now have one single person to look to for all of my results and lack of results; what I have and what I don’t have; who I’ve become and what more I can be. And, I have to tell you that this is probably the most powerful thing that I could have. It releases me to create better, to choose more wisely, to have more confidence, and so much more.
More tomorrow. . .
I Am Alone Responsible. What A Relief!
Spread Some Joy Today–You, and you alone are responsible for your joy–whether you have it, and whether you don’t have it.
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