Daily Inspiration 4-14-13

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“One of these days,

I’m going to publish a book

of all the pictures I did not take.”

— Rene Burri

I always thought I would wake up some day and think “I should have taken more pictures and video.” But, then I think about all the hundreds of photos I have sitting in the cabinet and maybe, just maybe, I looked at them once or twice for a few minutes and that was it. The truth for me is that more pictures just doesn’t do anything for me.

But, experiencing does do it for me. To see it live and in person is so powerful and memorable. I have never ever seen a photograph that comes anywhere close to what I see with my own eyes. No matter who the professional photographer is, I cannot imagine a photo doing anything more than showing a small section of what I actually see. And then, there is the wind and sun and rain and all weather, along with sounds, all mixed together that no video could ever hope to capture.

While I fumble for the camera to take that shot to not look at many weeks, months, years from now, I potentially miss the real thing–the experience. I take photos, but not very many and not all that often. But, I keep my eyes, ears, and feelings on wide open throttle.

See It, Feel It, Hear It, Live It. It’s Captured.

Spread Some Joy Today–Smile often and much. Have a blast at whatever you are doing today.

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