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Opportunity Week
“The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone.”
— Orison Swett Marden
“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”
— Bruce Barton
“The lack of opportunity is ever the excuse of a weak, vacillating mind. Opportunities! Every life is full of them. . . . Every newspaper article is an opportunity. Every client is an opportunity. Every sermon is an opportunity. Every business transaction is an opportunity,–an opportunity to be polite,–and opportunity to be manly,–and opportunity to be honest,–and opportunity to make friends.”
— Orison Swett Marden
It is fairly common to think of opportunities as something on the outside that you either attract or seize, and though I think some may be like that, the majority of the opportunities that we have come from within ourselves. The really cool thing about that is that we all have those opportunities every day of our lives.
We have the opportunity to be kind and thoughtful, cheerful and uplifting, sincere and truthful, enthusiastic and encouraging, focused and assertive, learned and wise, and a host of other opportunities to serve each other and at the same time, ourselves.
That might be too mambly-pambly for some, so you also have the opportunity to be inspired and to attract ideas and plans.
Some might think that they want the opportunity to come flying into their lives and land in their lap. Now, I think that is mambly-pambly.
Your grandest opportunities are within you and all you need do is realize the power that you have and be open to the inspirations as they come. It is only your resistance that has held them at bay to begin with. Release the resistance and let them flow again. The best way to release the resistance is to become a person of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have now and what you will have later. Resistance comes from a lack of gratitude and a lack of belief in your own worthiness and your own power. Begin being grateful for everything in your life and the resistance must disappear and your opportunities will begin to flow again like the river it once was.
For you dyed in the wool, hard core cases of resistance, just give it a test for a month. You will be convinced from then on.
As I’ve said before: YOU ROCK!!
Believe In Your Own Power! You Really Do ROCK!
Spread Some Joy Today–Send yourself an email today saying how much you rock and how awesome you are and how focused and how thankful you are. Do it up nicely. Then read it as many times today as you can. What a difference it will make.
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