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“Commit to CANI! — Constant And Never-ending Improvement.”
— Anthony Robbins
I borrow everything I can from the world’s most influential and successful people. It saves a great deal of time. Everything that I learn from my studies is of value and there are some diamonds that pop up time and again that are so profound they are game changers. Such is the case with CANI.
I learned this from Tony many years ago and it was just icing on the cake of Jim Rohn’s philosophy of whom I studied and was Tony’s mentor as well. Now in business for myself for just over three years, I think this one concept of CANI has continually encouraged us toward excellence in what we do. We never stop enhancing and improving our products or services, many times just adding services to existing packages at no extra fee.
I look back at when I first began. I just had an idea and a belief that I could do this, and just getting started was the biggest event. Once started, I found that I had so much to learn that it was staggering to think about it. But, I figured that I could learn as I went. I did, and am, and will never stop because there is so much to learn at every level.
I instill this in our team as well. I want to be the best that we can be, to constantly improve and never stop improving. It seems to me that if we’re not growing and becoming more, we are dying and becoming less. It’s not just about growth, but excellence, or at least the pursuit of it.
This has made such a tremendous difference and it is one of the best things I have ever learned and it gives me continual inspiration.
If Something Can Be Improved, Do It.
Spread Some Joy Today–Take pause today for just a few minutes and write down 10 blessings in your life. That should bring a tinge of joy back in your day.
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