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Opportunity Week
“Change brings opportunity.”
— Nido Qubein
“The entrepreneur always searches for change,
responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”
— Peter Drucker
“Change always comes bearing gifts.”
— Price Pritchett
“Our only security is our ability to change.”
— John Lilly
Change does bring opportunity, and it has been my perfect 20/20 hindsight experience that change always comes bearing gifts. I have also learned that life is movement; it never stops moving; it is constantly changing, that there is nothing we can do about that, nor would it even make sense to try. As John Lilly says, “our only security is our ability to change.” I would add the word embrace, like thus: our only security is our ability to embrace change, for there is nothing but change, consequently, our only real struggle would be to resist change. It’s a little longer, but more accurate.
Change could be like the kind of change in the music business like going from records to 4-track tapes to 8-track tapes to cassette tapes to CD’s to MP3’s. Change could be noticing that the weather is different each day. Some days more different than others, but different. Change could be getting fired from a job you’ve had for 20 years–or 6 months. It could be winning millions in the lottery. It could be watching in the mirror every morning as your face changes slightly each day as it ages.
The opportunity is embracing the change and seeing the benefit in it. Sometimes, the benefit is not noticed until much later, but it is there. I remember so well, the last time I was fired from a job (not like there’s been that many. . . firings, I mean. . .). It was one of the happiest days of my life! Seriously! That created an opportunity to do something different and that led me to another and to what I do now. It was absolutely the best thing that could have happened and perfect timing to boot.
I think I have finally (I’m a late adopter for sure) not only accepted change, but embraced it. Now, I even look forward to it. What a difference that makes in my confidence as a life surfer, and as a person. What a difference it makes in my stress and anxiety levels.
The easiest way to state it is going with the flow of a river. No more paddling upstream. A much more enjoyable journey, don’t your think? I highly recommend it.
I Love Change. I Like Fifties And Hundreds Too.
Spread Some Joy Today–Help someone else who struggles with change to make the transition to going with the flow. Helping each other is a very caring thing to do.
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