Daily Inspiration 4-12-15

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“No matter what “they,” say, 
and no matter what they do, 
and no matter what 
don’t say or don’t do, 
they actually love you. 

I know because they told me. 

I love you,” 
The Universe
— a.k.a. Mike Dooley 

Mike Dooley has been pretending to be the Universe for a long time. I’ve been getting his 5-day a week emails for many years, and they are all good. Then, once in a while one really gets me thinking, like the one above.

I received this one on Friday morning, and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that everyone on the planet loves me. 

Think about it. What if everyone on the planet loves you. That would include so-called terrorists, crooks, and all manner of “bad guys.” Of course it for sure includes everyone you know. This was a fascinating thought for me.

What if we are all living in our own dream of our own creation? I think we are.

What if we were completely certain that every person on this planet actually did love us? Would you act differently? Would you look at everyone outside of you differently? Would you be more loving by knowing this regardless of how they might seem to be acting right now? These and many others were questions I was asking myself all day Friday and into Saturday.

I think we only act the way we do, respond the way we do, say thing things we say (whether in our mind or aloud), because we don’t think much about the possibility of them loving us, except, of course, those in our inner circle.

Even though we may be dealing with someone who is obviously angry and upset with us, saying nasty things, or just being a pain in the ass, wouldn’t it be so interesting if we saw through all of that, knowing full well that underneath that facade, they loved us unconditionally?

We might also consider the opposite. What if we actually loved everyone on the planet?

It Might Be Fun To Think This Way For A Few Days And Try It Out. It May Be A Game Changer.

Spread Some Joy Today–This would be one way of spreading joy!

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