Daily Inspiration 4-11-14

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“To accuse others 
 for one’s own misfortunes
is a sign of want of education. 

To accuse oneself
shows that one’s education has begun. 

To accuse neither oneself nor others 
shows that one’s education is complete.” 

— Epictetus, 55-135 AD 

It seems logical and appropriate to see external circumstances, happenstance, and unwelcome personal influence as a cause for our own condition. Somehow we think that it helps us to understand the world around and within us, and we may think that it will cause us to feel better about our place and person.

Instead, as is my own experience, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, a habitual ritual of denial and blame, and does nothing to help us understand or feel better.

The attempted solution has been used in reverse. If, on the other hand, we tune into the emotion as a guidance tool, and at the same time, have a desire to feel good, we can then find small ways to feel better, and better yet as a method of change and improvement.

This solution will naturally cause us to look at everything around us and within us differently.

I Have Only One Real Goal: Joy. In This Endeavor, I Am In Total Control. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by helping someone else along their way.

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