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“As we dabble in our life experience, 
even perhaps creating magnificent things, 
I think that the vast majority of us 
hasn’t a clue how powerful we really are.” 
— Albert K. Strong 

[Classic post from 3-26-17]

As I was eating some delicious buttered toast and enjoying some Jimmy Dean sausage links, I had this thought: How can all these health experts, all these theories about what causes weight gain or loss, health or lack of it, and more be correct? One says, “don’t eat wheat,” and another says, “don’t eat carbs,” and another says, “eat carbs, more carbs,” and yet another says, “sugar will kill you,” and another says, “avoid fats,” or “avoid calories,” or “avoid protein, or avoid certain kinds of meat, or all meat,” and having only barely touched the surface here, it is enough to drive a person crazy as we try to know which is correct.

Then, it came to me. It was clear as a bright sunny day to me. It’s the Quantum Theory. They are all correct. They all speak the truth. I used to wonder, how can that be? But now I see it.

Quantum Theory in its simplest form is this: Whatever we bring to whatever we are looking at changes the thing we are looking at. Equally, whatever we bring to whatever we are experiencing, the thing we are experiencing is changed as a result of what we bring. 

This reminds me of one of Wayne Dyer’s famous quotes: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” I have accepted and understood that in a philosophical way for many years now, but after this morning, I understand it in a more practical way.

Look how powerful we are! We can and do change matter! And we do it with our thoughts! Beliefs are the most powerful thoughts, but really they are simply thoughts that we keep thinking and attracting more thoughts like it to reinforce and strengthen our own thoughts creating belief. 

It is so true that as we change the way we see, we change the things we see. So from a more global view, as we look at a thing, a subject, a person, a reality, we bring to it what we have accumulated in knowledge, and more importantly, beliefs and prejudices. This accumulation directs how we are choosing to see all of that.

It’s easy enough to find facts to corroborate our point of view. We do it all the time. Real facts, alternative facts, it just doesn’t matter. We see what we want to see, choose to see. And, they are all fine. They are all points of view, stories, conclusions.

So all of that nutritional information is not true or false, it is true and false depending on your personal view from your accumulated learning.

The only problem we ever really have in enjoying a delightful life is when we stop attracting what we want by focusing on what we don’t want and then pushing against that with the idea that I am right and you are wrong. We are not right or wrong, we would be right and wrong as we choose our viewpoint.

It Is What They Say It Is For Them. I Will Make My Own Decision For Me. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that it is not joy or fear, but joy and fear. The only real question is where am I on that continuum.

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