Daily Inspiration 4-1-14

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“When it comes to life 
the critical thing is whether 
you take things for granted 
or take them with gratitude.” 

— Gilbert K Chesterton 

I am taking a pause today to thank all the people who read these Daily Inspirations whether by subscription, the blogs, social media or referred or forwarded by a friend. I appreciate your reading and the comments I receive from time to time.

I find myself amazed that this has gone on as long as it has (over 1,646 posts) and amazed further that I still have the passion and purpose to continue to do this every single day since mid-2009. I also have to admit to selfish motives to become a better writer, and to teach things that I most want to know for myself, while hoping to uplift anyone who might enjoy that feeling or might be attracting these messages.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at these efforts. I love you all, whomever you are.

I Am Blessed And Grateful. Thank You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Pay it forward.

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