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Everyone has them,

everyone has different ones,

and the content and order of these values

determines, almost entirely, your behavior.”

— Dr. John F Demartini

I love John Demartini’s books. He has a calming, common sense way of getting to the heart of things. The quote above is an example. He goes on to say, “Whatever is highest on your value list is where your mind is sharp and alert, disciplined and focused. Whatever is lower on your value list is where you hesitate and procrastinate.”

I’m going to make a sign to put on my wall to remind me that if I am procrastinating and lack discipline on a subject or activity, it is clear that I do not value it much. I may think I SHOULD do something for whatever benefit may SEEM important, but the reality is that if I really valued it or if it were high in my list of things I value, I would find a way to not only get it done, but get it done with joy.

In business, I see how people value or don’t value making time to get things done to help us help them. Some go right to it and bang it out. They value the result of what we are doing and want to help make it the best it can be. Many are always too busy, can’t find time, don’t know what to do and a longer list that is purely an indication that it is not high on their values list.

I used to try to impose my values about what we do on them, and now I’m okay with whatever they choose to do or do not do. I understand how busy we can make ourselves. I do it myself in many ways. Sometimes accomplishment is not even on the list–just activities–and lots of them!

But, we do what we value and we don’t do what we don’t value. Of course, there’s even another way of seeing this. They value that we are doing it for them and they don’t have to think about it. At the same time, we value taking the best care of them possible. So it all works out just fine.

What are your prime values? What do you spend your time on? What do you spend your money on? What do you find important? Unimportant? The value story is telling.

I Accomplish That Which I Value Most. Everything Else Takes A Back Seat Until I Change My Values.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do what you value most and do for others what they value most.

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