Daily Inspiration 4-1-11

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“There can be no security where there is fear.”
— Felix Frankfurter
In looking at this quote by Felix Frankfurter, I think it is one of the most profound quotes I’ve ever seen and I also believe it to be a true statement.
It’s an interesting idea that people seek security from fear, or even fear of fear, yet if we really think about that, security cannot be of any service in that way. I know the idea is that having security is intended to alleviate fear, but does it really? It seems to me that the more security we try to acquire, the less secure we become; the more fear we fear, the more fear we accumulate.
Worrying never achieved a thing to enhance my life in all the time I can recall worrying, nor did any so-called security. What I have found that enhances my life is ignoring security, worry, fear, and just getting rid of that train of thought entirely. In that I am more secure than ever before. Based on that then, security is a state of being when one has no need for security. It comes with the absence of fear and resides in peace, confidence, trust. And yet, in there, it is unnecessary to say the least.
There Is Nothing To Fear Except Fear Itself. . . I’m Sure I Heard That Somewhere. . . How About There Is Nothing To Fear?
Spread Some Joy Today–Count your blessings today and tomorrow and every day after. You’ll be amazed how blessed you already are.
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