Daily Inspiration 3-9-14

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, 
they would have said, 
faster horses.” 

 — Henry Ford 

I watched a Ted Talk–this one is TedEd or Ted Education. I absolutely love Ted talks and our company shares a lot of them on our client’s blogs and social media. When I first found out about Ted, I was amazed and now that it has morphed into TedX, TedED, TedMed, and others, and has expanded all around the world in many different languages, I am even more amazed at what the Ted Curator, Chris Anderson has done with this idea of having important talks on prime subjects. It used to be almost secret and now is a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, I want to share a short talk (most are 18 minutes, this is just over 6), by a young man named Henry Lin. I think you might find it fascinating as I did, but what really caught my attention was a quote from him at the end. I thought it was appropriate enough for so many parts of our lives. I give it to you here:

“Innovation, ingenuity, inspiration. 
 These things come when 
we broaden our field of vision; 
when we step back; 
when we zoom out.”

— Henry Lin 

Zoom Out? Sounds Like A Great Idea! 
Spread Some Joy Today–Tell someone you love them today. Especially, someone, you don’t normally say that to. Extra love is a good thing.
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