Daily Inspiration 3-9-12

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“Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s been a while since I’ve travelled far by air, and having just come back from a long trip, it is easy to see that patience is a most beneficial attribute. The airplane is a tight fit, the cab or bus is a tight fit, and there are delays and rushing to catch the connecting flight and plenty of walking, and more. All of them opportunities to be up tight and unhappy.
I did this trip one year ago and this year was different. This time, I found myself enjoying much more of it. I took moments to just calm my mind while waiting for something to begin. I relaxed in my experience where I found myself at the moment. In other words, I let go. I didn’t try to fill the time with busy work or thinking, though I did read a little bit, but mostly just experienced patience in the experience of travel.
It wasn’t perfect, but an improvement from the last time. What more could we ask of ourselves? Of anything or anyone?
By The Way, I Had A Very Good Time!
Spread Some Joy Today–When you can find enjoyment where ever you are when ever you are, that is a joyous place to be. Others cannot miss it in your eyes and smile.
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