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“You do not become good by trying to be good,
but by finding the goodness that is already
within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.”
— Eckhart Tolle
This is where people get confused about action. It’s like forcing something and expecting a good result. Not too likely.
One of my favorite authors when I first got into sales was and is Frank Bettger and his book, How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling. His mantra was conceptualized as this: “To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically.” Although I agree with it in theory, it is the actual practice that falls short with most people. Jim Rohn, another mentor used to make fun of this by saying, “after you’re done jumping around, there is some work to be done.”
Based of Frank Bettger’s plan, the way to happiness is acting happy; the way to health is to act healthy and so on. This might create a bunch of maniacs on steroids depending on their commitment to their goal.
The way is not to act, but to allow. That sounds easy and quaint, but here’s a practical way to do that. Allow yourself to open up and let the real you out. Most of us have stuffed that real person deep down inside and covered it with ego and lots of dressing. Next, be open to inspiration to act when it comes upon you; however, don’t wait for it to act. Initially, act in this way: find things that you like. No matter how down a person can get, they can find things to like. Maybe a puppy. It doesn’t matter what, just begin to allow yourself to like it and begin expanding that like by appreciating it.
You know, compliments are good. Many of us are so in tune with the news and the stuff going on around us that we forget to find things that we like. Maybe it is the color of someone’s hair, their smile, the peace they exude, the love in their touch and their eyes. Appreciate it inside and as the inspiration encourages, say these things aloud. You’ll be amazed at how hungry people are to hear it and how blessed you become in speaking and thinking it.
It All Comes From Within, Not Without.
Spread Some Joy Today–Find something or things to compliment at least three people on today. It doesn’t need to be big. Small works just fine.
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