Daily Inspiration 3-7-13

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“To improve is to change;

to be perfect is to change often.”

— Winston Churchill

One of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn, speaks to the issue of change extremely well. He says, “how long do you want your child to be in the fourth grade?” He goes on to say that about a year is probably the right length of time, but two years, four years, six years, that doesn’t make much sense.

Yet, this is how I see many people in business. They get to the fourth grade and then they just stay there. They grow to a point and then they just stay there. Now, don’t get me wrong, getting to a place and being happy there and hanging around is okay if you are really happy there, but I often hear the complaints of still being in the fourth grade, demonstrating their unhappiness with the place, but they don’t want to change more than the complaints would indicate.

One business is on my mind the last few days where he is good at what he does and he is so busy. People want him to do more work and he frowns and sort or reluctantly takes on the work, but he never expands to compensate him or his expertise. Consequently, he loses customers, and over time, he will lose his business.

In this kind of case, I think that they would have been far better off to have an employer who values their skills, who brings them in and helps them help their clients and helps the business grow and expand, but he doesn’t have to deal with any of that. This scenario is of course, a challenge to find. So, not finding smart, astute employers who see that picture, they go off and start their own operation. Skilled at what they do, except the “business” part. But, that is a critical part.

I feel for them, but there is nothing I can do for them. They have to want to change.

“When People Are Ready To, They Change. They Never Do It Before Then, And Sometimes They Die Before They Get Around To It. You Can’t Make Them Change If They Don’t Want To, Just Like When They Do Want To, You Can’t Stop Them.” — Andy Warhol

Spread Some Joy Today–Maybe there is something you are ready to change. If so, make that decision and watch the joy that comes flowing in. As you move with that, it spreads about the area.

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