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“Inner peace is never more than one thought away.
— Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 4-24-18]

Of course, I totally agree with Alan Cohen and his quote above. There is one thing though. . . it sounds so easy. And, it is. And, it’s not. It’s easy when we haven’t gotten into the feeling of the thought, and it’s harder when we have. Once we start feeling it, we are quickly attracting more thoughts that create very similar feelings, and as we spend some time pouting about it, talking about it, even just thinking about it within our own head, we heap layers and layers of resistance on ourselves and simply changing a thought has such a hard time getting through those layers.

Many people probably think of me as someone who doesn’t let things upset me very much and maybe even some think that I’m happy all the time. It’s true that I no longer let things get going within me for very long as to cause me to feel down–or, at least, nowhere near how down I’ve been in the past. I do know what depression and powerlessness feels like because there were times in my life where I was like the dog getting wagged by the tail letting all manner of things within my mind and visually expressed outside of me seemed to lead my life from pain to feeling okay and it was all over the map of emotions so to speak.

Now that I am aware where the tail is and that I am in charge of my own tail, I never get that far down the emotional rollercoaster, but I do get down. It is more like an off feeling as in I’m not feeling good and I would rather feel good. The good news about this is that I know what to do now. Before, I would think about it and create more layers, and now, I do as Anthony Robbins taught me: Change my state. In other words, do something. Sometimes anything will do. Move. Go for a walk, a bike ride, a car ride with the windows down, or exercise, or almost any movement that gets me out of that state I was stuck in.

Sometimes going to sleep helps. It’s too early to go to bed normally, but that is the tail wagging the dog again. Who cares? I need rest. I need to change my state. I need to get back to feeling better, feeling better about myself, and feeling better about living.

I got that way today and I immediately recognized the symptoms and turned on the Blue Ray Player and inserted a movie that causes me to laugh hysterically out loud every single time I watch it and it is inspiring at the same time. That movie is my top go-to movie: Morning Glory with Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, and Diane Keaton. The one in the cast that gives me the most laughing though is an actor named Matt Malloy. So tonight, I watched this wonderful movie again and I was back where I wanted to be. I changed my state. I changed my thoughts. I let go of that resistance that was trying to pull me down.

Once I realize what is going on in my mind and in my thoughts and actions, I have control. The only question is, do I exercise it? That answer for me is, yes! I often call it practice. I honor how I’m feeling, and then I ask myself if this is how I want to feel and if it isn’t, then I change my state. Sometimes it is a movie, other times I’ve gone to bed really early. Sometimes I go for a walk, or sometimes I call my business partner because he always makes me laugh. The bottom line is that I am wagging my own tail. On purpose.

How Do You Want To Feel? Wag Your Own Tail.

Spread Some Joy Today–Woof! Woof!

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