Daily Inspiration 3-6-14

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“Beauty is not in the face; 
beauty is a light in the heart.” 

 — Kahlil Gibran 

When one is growing, becoming more, allowing more, a change in us sometimes isn’t really noticed as something that has changed until a trigger via an event or some other thing happens to show us the change has been made. I had a trigger event today and it caused me to think about this.

I was looking at some email, or link, and on this page I landed on there were some photos with links to other sites. One of them, as my memory allows recall, was a picture of a man, with the caption to see the 10 ugliest men in movies. There’s a lot of those kind of things on YouTube.

When I looked at the picture, my very first thought was that he wasn’t ugly. My second thought was who is making this judgment? Then I started thinking of the idea of beauty vs. ugliness. Then I wrote down this note this morning: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Or it isn’t.”

We’ve got this good/bad, love/hate, black/white, rich/poor, beautiful/ugly opposites comparison going on all over the place, all through our lives. It’s taught in school, in church and every where else. But, I think that there is only good and the lack of good, love and the lack of love, black and the lack of black, rich and the lack of rich, beautiful and the lack of beautiful, and that we are the beholders of this or the lack of it.

I did not recognize the face, but I certainly didn’t think he was lacking beauty. He was unique. In fact, I thought he had a kind face with great features. But, those are my eyes. And, my eyes have become more clear and more allowing over time. I remember teachings about Jesus seeing your heart and knowing you from the inside and often wondered what that was like and how awesome that would be to sense that, and live that idea. Now I know better. Better than before. I’ve paused my immediate judgment just long enough to look deeper and see what I see with kinder eyes.

Guess what happens then. I am filled with love. I even go around telling people that I love them as I look at them though most often I say it in my mind. Is it possible to love everyone? Well, I think that is in the beholder as well.


Spread Some Joy Today–Look with a kinder, gentler sight.

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