Daily Inspiration 3-5-13

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“Keeping your commitment to your purpose

does not depend on other people keeping theirs.”


— Alan Cohen

Don’t you think it is so much better and easier to be like the little kid who says, “well Johnny didn’t do it, so why should I have to?” or some such nonsense. Wow. That line brought back memories. . . How many times I’ve either said such stuff or heard it from others who don’t accept personal responsibility any better than I did. Go with the flow and all that rubbish.

In some ways we all live utterly alone in that we all have the same and equal power to make choices. Some may call it free will, but it has nothing to do with will and is more simply a decision of choice. We do have that freedom of choice, so let’s call it free choice.

It’s a good thing that we have that choice and that we can stand alone if need be in our choices, and our choices are our purpose. The commitment to follow through is where the will comes in. Once we go down that path, we may prefer company, but in the end, only our own determination will see us through.

I Get To Choose And I Accept The Responsibility Of That. At Least, That’s How I Feel Right Now. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose to be more loving today. Choose to smile more often. Choose to be kind.

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